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En route for Tell Time Use the 3rd person plural conjugation of ser to articulate all times except the first hour Son las diez. Use cardinal numbers to indicate the day of the month except for the 1st; this is el primero. Where English uses a comma to indicate thousands, abuse a period in Spanish.

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The Number System of Spanish

Msn ayua con las letras para fechar 5 puntos? A new word all day Native speaker examples Quick dictionary challenges. El primero de enero es mi cumpleaños. I am twenty-four years old. To Count uno, dos, tres, cuatro Exercises 1 Write out the following numbers. Spanish Verb Lists A list of common verbs in Spanish with their conjugation in different tenses and example sentences. Remember that "y" and is used between the tens and the units, not after the hundreds as in English.

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Cuatro billones setecientos ochenta y nueve mil seiscientos setenta y cuatro millones doscientos dieciocho mil novecientos sesenta y encogido kilómetros. Curenta y siete billones ochocientos noventa y seis mil setecientos ochenta y nueve millones seiscientos setenta y ocho mil novecientos sesenta y encogido decímetros. Below you will find a chart of cardinal numbers We allow a printable version of this chronicle that you can use in your classroom: There is also a distinctive section for Spanish teachers. Ciento becomes plural after ciento noventa y nueve and changes according to the femininity of the noun cientos, cientas. Contrasting in English were ordinal numbers are used, in Spanish you use basic numbers when giving a date Apart from when we talk about the at the outset day of the month see ordinal numbers further below. Sign up along with email.

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